How to solve the vibration problem of roof equipment?

Analysis of current situation: Due to the shortage of building space and the change of building function, many developers have focused on the empty space on the top floor of the building. In order to make more reasonable use of space and many functional buildings such as hotels, factories and office buildings have strong requirements on the internal infrastructure of the building, such as ventilation, heating, cooling and drinking water system, so the developer will install a lot of corresponding equipment on the roof of the building, such as air conditioning host water host The problem of floor vibration after the installation of these mechanical equipment such as large pumps is also exposed, so how to solve the vibration problem of the equipment on the top floor of the building is an urgent problem that we need to solve and pay attention to.

Harm of vibration: first, the harm of vibration to the human body itself: As we all know, vibration and noise produced by vibration are very harmful to our physical and mental health. People living in the environment of noise and vibration for a long time will feel depressed and irritable, and also have a very great impact on hearing. Over time, it will affect our body and lead to a variety of diseases. Second, the impact on the building itself, if the equipment on the top floor of the building does not do a good job of shock absorption equipment on the building itself is also a great harm, long-term vibration will lead to floor cracking, wall fall off and other hazards. Serious will cause the whole building to swing violently, the consequences unimaginable. Three, the harm to the equipment itself when the equipment is working to produce vibration, vibration conduction to the ground if there is no good shock absorption measures, the generated force will react to part of the equipment itself, long-term in the impact of the reaction force will be serious equipment itself and the operation of the equipment.

How to do a good job of equipment shock absorption measures and shock absorber selection: After analyzing the harm of vibration, our next question is how to do a good job of equipment shock absorption measures: The most direct way to do a good job of equipment shock absorption measures is to install shock absorbers. After installing shock absorbers, the vibration generated when the equipment is working can be effectively isolated and transmitted to the ground and the reaction force can be effectively cushioned to harm the equipment itself.

At present, the shock absorber on the market are: 1. Air cushion shock absorber 2. Rubber shock absorber 3. Spring type shock absorber below we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each shock absorber.
The first is - air cushion shock absorber: air cushion shock absorber is a new type of shock absorber developed this year. Advantages: 1. The shock absorption effect is very high - generally can effectively absorb more than 95 percent of the shock, the installation of the air cushion shock absorber on the ground can hardly feel the vibration, is the first choice for high floor equipment shock absorption. 2 simple and convenient installation, no foundation works 3. Long service life generally up to 10 years more than 4. What is the effect of not using fatigue when installing to the end or what effect does not diminish

Secondly, rubber shock absorber: rubber shock absorber has the advantages of cheap cost and convenient installation, but the effect of shock absorption is not ideal. Generally, only about 40 percent of the shock absorption requirements are not very high

Finally, spring shock absorber Spring shock absorber has the initial installation effect is ideal, but with the growth of the use of time, its shock absorption effect will be weakened with the shortcomings of a certain fatigue.

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