Application of rubber shock absorber

It is possible that a lot of people are showing their noses at the mention of rubber shock absorbers, thinking that rubber shock absorbers are of no use at all for shock absorption, or very little use, and generally have a bad impression on rubber shock absorbers. For such a phenomenon is mostly caused by those substandard cheap rubber shock absorbers on the market at present, because those inferior rubber shock absorbers cut corners in the production process. A large number of adding machines are doped in rubber, and the content of rubber is very small, so that it loses the original function and effect of rubber, or it can not be called rubber shock absorber at all.

At present, the shock absorber on the market can be roughly divided into: air cushion shock absorber, rubber shock absorber, spring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber as one of the three categories should be especially unique shock isolation function and its due shock absorption effect. Here the author for qualified rubber shock absorber name, a brief introduction, a qualified rubber shock absorber basic characteristics and its application of the damping effect of the equipment.

Rubber as the most important material for rubber shock absorption, it plays an irreplaceable role. Once the nature of rubber changes, the rubber shock absorber composed of it will also have functional changes.
First let's take a look at rubber material. Rubber is a flexible polymer. Rubber can be obtained from the SAP of some plants, or it can be artificial. It is vulcanized and processed into rubber shock absorbers. Many people describe rubber as traditional Chinese medicine. Add different agents, additives, accelerators and then vulcanize out at different times and the characteristics of the product are not the same. This metaphor lets us know that a qualified rubber shock absorber must have a strict selection of materials, the formula proportion of additives and a precise vulcanization temperature and time, in order to achieve the qualified shock absorber we want, in order to achieve the corresponding shock absorption effect. This is a lot of inferior shock absorbers on the market do not have.

The second is the gum content, from its literal understanding we can know is the amount of rubber contained. The amount of glue contained in a shock absorber directly determines its shock absorption effect and price cost. Previously, our company encountered such a case -- an electronic components company. On the second floor of their company, they placed 5 sets of Shanghai second forging ordinary punches with a punch force of 16T and a weight of about 1.5 tons. The spread of vibration caused it to shake the whole first floor and second floor, which seriously affected their daily work. They came to us and asked us how to deal with it. We first recommended air cushion shock absorber to it, because air cushion shock absorber is the first choice for shock absorption of equipment on the second floor, which can absorb more than 95 percent of the shock. But he thought the price was too high, and then recommended him to use a rubber shock absorber. He said that the rubber shock absorber did not say that he was using a rubber cushion. I asked him where he bought the rubber cushion and how much it cost, and he said that he bought it from a rubber shop. And I told him you can try our rubber shock absorbers and if they work you can buy them, and if they don't work we don't get paid. After he agreed, he put on our rubber shock absorber and tried it. He was very happy to tell us that the effect was very good, and he wondered why the same rubber why one did not work at all. I told him it was because the rubber pads it bought had a very low amount of glue and were made up of a little recycled glue and a lot of filler, so it had a very low price but no shock-absorbing effect, and then he suddenly saw the light.

Finally is a good structure, a good shock absorber must have a good product structure, must be based on the principle of mechanics to design the shock absorption structure, it is conducive to the dispersion of the left and right can play a job times the effect!
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