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Dongguan Mingbang shock absorption Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of shock absorbers. Whether the rubber shock absorbers are located in the rotation motion or not, shock absorbers can be divided into two kinds: fixed shock absorbers and rotary shock absorbers. Fixed shock absorption refers to the fixed parts to take shock absorption measures, such as the base shock absorber; Rotary shock absorption refers to the adoption of shock absorption measures on the rotating body, such as rotor shock absorber, bearing shock absorber, etc. Fixed shock absorption is mainly base shock absorption, base shock absorption is widely used. The base shock absorber can be rubber shock absorber, spring shock absorber, fluid shock absorber, etc. Different shock absorbers are used according to different situations. Generally, rubber shock absorber is used more. Its structure is simple, easy to use and easy to install, and the height can be adjusted according to the user's own needs in daily use. In addition, the two wings of the shock absorber are equipped with rubber damping, which has stronger damping coefficient and higher transverse and longitudinal stiffness, so as to protect the normal operation of the equipment.

There are many types of shock absorbers, but they all work by isolating the source of the earthquake to reduce the damage caused by the shock. The installation is based on the actual running condition of the machine. If there is a need for shock absorber can contact Mingbang shock Technology Co., LTD., not only to provide high-quality shock absorber, but also to design shock absorption program.