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气压式防振装置,符合JISD-4101气垫耐压试验标准 自然频率3Hz~5Hz,最大使用压力4.5 Kg/cm^2。 本体采用多层防锈烤漆。 本体采用Neoprene Rubber,一体成型气密性佳。 防振效果极高,一般设备效率可达97%以上。 荷重范围 50~3500Kg。 可加装防油帽,防止一般油污腐蚀。

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Air cushion shock absorber



Mechanical cutting machine shock absorber

Product characteristics:

Pneumatic anti vibration device, in accordance with JISD-4101 air cushion pressure test standard The natural frequency is 3Hz~5Hz, and the maximum operating pressure is 4.5 Kg/cm ^ 2. The body adopts multi-layer anti rust baking paint. The body adopts Neoprene Rubber, which has excellent airtightness through integrated molding. The anti vibration effect is extremely high, and the efficiency of general equipment can reach over 97%. The load range is 50-3500Kg. An oil cap can be installed to prevent general oil contamination and corrosion.

Precision shock-absorbing platform

Product characteristics:

The tabletop vibration removal table utilizes the principle of air vibration prevention, which can effectively eliminate vibration and has high vibration prevention efficiency. CZT-ZS vibration removal platform adopts a thin design for easy placement and portability. It has low natural frequency characteristics and can automatically adjust the horizontal appearance, with a clean and strong anti vibration function. Equipped with three height adjustment valves, it can automatically adjust the level when the load changes. Continuous inflation models do not require frequent checking for low inflation.

Shock absorber for hydraulic cutting machine

Product characteristics:

Pneumatic anti vibration device, designed with oil pressure damping cylinder. Suitable for eliminating impact and vibration, dedicated to the highest speed punching machine. Designed with low natural frequency values, it has excellent anti vibration effect. Using Neoprene Rubber material for good weather resistance and long service life The anti oil cap design has oil resistance and can prevent general oil pollution corrosion. The internal design damping mechanism can effectively avoid resonance phenomena. Natural frequency: 3Hz~5Hz, damping coefficient: 0.12~0.13. Comply with JISD-4101 air cushion pressure test standard.

Slow speed punch shockproof feet

Product characteristics:

Effectively isolate shock and vibration, with excellent anti vibration efficiency. Less mechanical shaking, able to maintain mechanical stability. No need for an inert foundation, easy to install. Adjustable height to maintain level. Sturdy structure, made of special rubber material, with excellent durability.


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